What Are Leading Causes of Deaths & Injuries In The United States?

As you check various online and offline publications, you can see a rising number of injury cases across the United States. There is nothing new in this trend. If you take a look at the numbers from the last four decades, you can see that the major cause of deaths in the United States is unintentional injuries. This post talks about various unintentional injuries that are included in this list.

What Causes Deaths & Injuries In The US?

Most people aged between 1-44 in the United States succumb to death because of unintentional injuries. These unintentional injuries are caused because of drug overdose, unintentional drowning, unintentional motor vehicle accidents, and last but not the least unintentional falls. The second place on this list goes to suicide. The number of suicide cases in the United States continues to increase.

The most shocking mention in this list is unintentional motor vehicle accidents. According to the Onder Law Firm, thousands of people meet with accidents every month. Many of them lose their lives because of someone else’s fault. If only people could drive safely, most of these deaths could be avoided. But that’s not what happens on the ground.

As a car owner, if you go out daily, make sure you follow all the road safety laws. And in case you ever meet with an accident, take necessary actions to safeguard yourself and your family. The first thing you need to do in such a case is to call the police and report everything.

Once you get everything documented, call your injury lawyer and explain everything. They might ask you to collect as many shreds of evidence from the accident site as possible. You don’t necessarily need to have the physical evidence in many scenarios. Even if you click pictures that can prove the other party guilty, you’re good to go. Your lawyer will explain to you the rest of the procedure about filing the lawsuit and seeking financial aid.

Pay heed to these points to know the leading causes of deaths and injuries in the United States and how to handle the situation if you ever get injured due to someone else’s fault.